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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Art has been with me since the age of three when I helped my father make a garden sundial of Vermont marble and copper. I was fascinated when I saw the process create a beautiful white column sundial from a huge and heavy white rock. (That very sundial now rests in the landscape of my home garden.)

My father was a stonecutter, a monument man, who used the subtle textures, forms, and inclusions in granite and marble to express his creativity. He gave me the gift of insatiable curiosity about how the creative process guides the artist. But most of all, he gave me the courage to create and to enjoy the journey expression allows.

For my metalwork, I use the inclusions in stone to compliment the colors and shapes of gold, silver, and copper. Non-reflective finishes dominate my work, with forms and moods to represent natural processes and the passage of time. My garden sundials are of copper, bronze and stone to showcase their natural surfaces for marking the journey of the sun across the sky.

My abstract compositions of acrylic are created to be as unique and as individual as natural colors will allow, with an intentional pallet of white space to permit the viewer to experience the work from within their mind’s eye, forsaking the original title I often struggled to give it.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my work.